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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> the nightmare at sea and the pleas for help. >> the passengers on board the carnival cruise ship and five days of hell. now at 11:00, the fire, the sewage, and the damage. plus, the stories of survival. >> it is so good to hear your voice. >> i don't even know what i am going to do when i see you. >> abc 7 breaking news coverage starts now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> they finally have arrived and right now the cruise ship triumph is docked at the port in mobile alabama.
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this nightmare at sea has lasted five days or more than four thousand people aboard that ship. but it is not quite over yet. >> it will take official several hours to get the passengers off the ship, and then they will have to be bused back to galveston taxes where their crewsuise from hell began. >> that is the best way to sum it up for all those 4000 people on the boat. it finally came in to port in mobile alabama about 45 minutes ago, but so far we have yet to see any of the faces that have endured this trip. this small port in mobile is not equipped to welcome of vessel the size of the triumph. this is a mass of cruise ship and this small port is not ready to welcome a ship of that size.
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the ceos said he is on the boat right now talking to the passengers but he said he wanted to apologize face-to-face, and after they finally get the vessel secure, it should take 15 to 20 minutes before we start seeing people set foot on dry ground. here's a sample of what those people are feeling we did what they are hearing from that ceo. >> i know the conditions on board were very poor and i know it's very difficult. i want to apologize again for subjecting our guests to that. we provide our -- we pride ourselves on providing our guest with a great vacation experience, and clearly we failed in this particular case. >> some say once they are able to set foot on dry ground, they will be met with blankets, fully powered cell phones, and more food. then it is on two chartered buses that will either drive them to new orleans or galveston.
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what a nightmare has been. and what is perhaps the most striking image of desperation passengers use their own bodies to beg for help. as we get our first glimpses inside the deplorable luxury liner, one passenger captured a sound to help describe the smell. >> i could start to smell it, and it smelled like sewage. that is how you explain it. i guess the toilets were leaking from the top to the bottom down the ship, and it got really bad. it ran through the elevator. it was stripping so bad it sounded like it was raining. >> an engine fire knocked out electricity some four days ago. the nearly 4000 passengers were left without water and cucumber
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and onion sandwich as for food. no power means no toilet, and now the corridors are filled with urine and feces. some passengers even told to relieve themselves in tubs and sinks, leaving the ship involved in stench. >> it is a mixture of sewage and rodding food, depending on where you are in the ship. >> now able to finally put all that behind them. we want to take you back out live to the scene in mobile alabama, where there has been no shortage of excitement from people on the boat and those on the dock there waiting to receive their loved ones. very excited to finally be backed. that is what we are talking right there, some of the homemade signs they made using
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their toiletries and sheets. we should be seeing these passengers off that vote finally in the next four to five hours. >> what an ordeal. only on 7 tonight, just minutes before the trial of dr. and mobile, we spoke with an arlington woman who has lived through this nightmare -- just moments before the triumph docked in mobile. she gives us her exclusive story tonight. >> sabrina said she is really tired and ready to get off that vote. this was supposed to be a fine college reunion. she was meeting friends from all over the world on the ship, but it has turned out to be anything but fun. tonight, sabrina tells us things on the carnival triumph have gone from bad to worse. she could not be more ready to get on dry land.
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>> i will not be on a body of water any time soon. >> she said a few bathrooms work, sometimes. sabrina's says many people are just resorting to doing their business in biohazard bags. she says the cruise line has done a poor job rationing food and medicine. she said the worst thing are the employees. a few are nice, but many have turned testy. >> at the same time, they are customer service. they are supposed to help us. >> she said the fire affected the floor her captain was on more than others, so she has been sleeping where she can. >> i spent the first three night in lawn chairs. >> despite all that, she and her college friends are trying to stay positive.
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>> we are trying to just laugh and make the best of the situation. >> unfortunately sabrina's ordeal is not over yet. tonight she is planning on taking a couple of our bus ride to new orleans and it appears tomorrow she will probably fly back to houston and from there make her way back to the d.c. area. she will need a vacation to get over this vacation. >> thanks for that. family and friends of those passengers have been waiting at the port in mobile, alabama for hours now. we have been watching how folks on board that ship seemed to be in pretty good spirits despite howls hellish it seems to be. what are you seeing on the shore? >> we are just seeing a lot of excitement. as soon as the ship pulled into
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the dock we heard screaming and cheering. the first thing i could make out what someone saying, happy valentine's day. they are shouting their messages and cheering as well. >> are you hearing anything at all about carnival, the company, and how they have handled this so far? >> people are very upset about how this was handled. they are being given -- reimbursed for the cruise and being given $500. many are saying that is just insulting, that they deserve so much more for what the people on board have endured. while the carnival ceo just apologized, he has gone on board to apologize to the passengers. some feel they just have not done enough. >> i am not sure how close you
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are to its, but can you smell it from where you are standing right now? >> no, we cannot smell it from where we are, but we have heard reports of just how awful it is on board that ship. i am sure we will be hearing many more of those stories as the passengers are finally able to disembark in the next few hours. >> we will check back with you later on. stay with us for complete coverage of the nightmare of war that carnival cruise ship. -- the nightmare a board that carnival cruise ship. good morning washington will have a live report from mobile. >> we move on now because detectives and alexander is in the evening searching the home of a 94-year-old man who they say was murdered a little more than 25 -- more than 24 hours ago. he was found last night in the
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2700 block of holly street. this comes as police arrested 45-year-old marie johnson, who was wanted in connection with the burglary at that same house last november. she is not being charged but is a person of interest. >> an exclusive look at preparations under way at a marijuana distance area open to be the first to open up in the district -- a marijuana dispensary. brad has more on the preparations under way and the concerns many still have about it. >> it is painted sky blue. capital city care on north capitol street hopes to open in early april as a first medical unmarried -- medical marijuana dispensary in the district. >> our receptionist will double check your identification against their database. >> we get knocks at the door
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almost on a daily basis from cancer patients and aids patients. x. only d.c. residents with specific illnesses can buy the pot, and there is no smoking on the premises. besides raw marijuana, they will also sell pot in views cookies brownies, candy, and drinks. these grow lights are all that would show us because they don't want to tip of the competition. they will sell paraffin of the two, and offer counseling services. -- they will sell paraphernalia. all the way down to these biometric blocks that only let staffers enter. many worry that selling at a big drug invites big abuse.
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a california survey found the average marijuana user was actually a 32-year-old white male who started using pot before age 19. a colorado study found only 3% of medical pot users had cancer or hiv/aids. 94% said they had severe pain. >> with a few dollars, you get a card for marijuana. next that is not the case. >> i am very excited. this is a dream come true. >> we are following every breaking developments with the arrival of the carnival cruise ship try on after being stranded five days at sea. >> and the nautical nightmare is about to end.
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>> tonight, the final home game for a story high school basketball program.
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s welcome back. we want to update you on our breaking news of the night. take a look at this. these are going to be some happy people as they finally get a hot shower and a hot meal. these are the first passengers to come off the carnival cruise ship triumph after five days of what was really a nightmare at sea. they started with the folks who are in wheelchairs. you can imagine there are people of all different ages coming off the ship. it just dock in mobile, alabama a short time ago. the carnival ceo is on board the ship and he is apologizing to passengers personally. we will have a live report during good morning washington tomorrow morning. >> the ordeal for those people is not over yet.
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the end of an era at adc high school that is closing at the end of the school year. >> it is where several nba legends got their start. the hosted their final home basketball game tonight. >> a bittersweet night, and for this basketball program, at quite an iconic program. it marks the conclusion of a remarkable run. >> for the head basketball coach, keith jackson inspiration came easy. no. 35. >> for 61 years the basketball program has played in a cozy jim on the northeast side. the school is closing at the end of the year due to dropping enrollment.
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so this is their final home game. >> from day one when you step into this building you hear about these guys, there is a profound sense of history here. >> to be part of such a rich legacy. >> i am just amazed at how fast these guys get up and down the court. >> it is really sad to know that these kids will never get an opportunity to experience this. >> spingarn players were inspired on this night, inappropriate and emotional ending to a legacy of elegant -- a legacy of excellence. >> there is talk about
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reopening in a couple of years as a vocational school. a final decision has not been made. >> lots of memories inside that jimgym. >> let's talk about the weather situation and what is to come. >> by the weekend, are milder weather will be a memory. here is the temperature, 40 degrees, not that far away from the average height. there is no snow in and around us. there are some lake effect snow is out to the west around buffalo. here is where the real cold is and we will see a touch of this as we get into the weekend. a around parts of northwest canada, up to 20 below zero. we have seen a few this winter
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that will be coming our way as we get into the weekend. for tomorrow, by tomorrow afternoon the leading edge of that frigid air begins to move through the legs. along that boundary, a little area of low pressure, so some rain showers. is looking less and less like there will be in the snow to really even talk about. may be a wet coding in some areas. the main thing on saturday and on into sunday will be a mass of some frigid air. will be a cold weekend, but without any big snow for the snow lovers. partly cloudy and chilly, temperatures to more near the freezing mark. any of those wet spots you still see tomorrow morning, treat them as though they are icy. temperatures tomorrow afternoon getting up in a high 40's to low 50's. by late afternoon as the leading
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edge of the arctic air begins to come our way, the chance of some showers. it could end as some wet snowflakes, especially in the western and northern suburbs. but look at saturday and sunday, high temperatures only in the 30 but the. the morning of 2 tier sunday will be in the teens to the low 30's. as we have seen a couple of times this winter, it will not be a long siege of cold air, but a cold weekend. >> so bundle up. >> time to shovel.
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x and now the toyota sports desk. >> the caps skated into tampa with the two-game winning streak. let's go back to the tampa bay times forum. a slap shot and bingo the capitals were rolling. on the attack, he somehow finds the puck and slide the end.
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they hold on for eight 4-3 win, their third in a row. there has been a report that robert griffin will be back to start next season. he is still in very -- in a critical and sensitive part of his ailing process, but everything is going so well, he is way ahead of schedule. the young quarterback has told everyone he would be back. >> we are involved with every moment of his movement and he is progressing well. it is not one of those things where we can update you every week. he is on schedule or had a schedule and it is really because of the work ethic that he has. >> the washington nationals players have been trickling in for the last few days but today was the first full day of training camp. we asked ian desmond if the na
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ts have a chip on their shoulder. >> i don't think that is the kind of mentality of these players. we just want to let our ability shine through and we will probably make it to the end. >> from baseball to college basketball. george mason played at drexel. he scores with a layup 55-53 mason. the next possession, cory edwards. gmu beats drexel. cam cameron is about to be employed again. he will be introduced in the same position at lsu tomorrow. cam cameron back in football as an offensive coordinator.
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>> if you want to call it a vacation. these people are finally getting off the carnival ship, ready to go home, but that will take a while as well to get back home. >> we will be right back.
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